Divorce Mediation And Litigation In Tennessee

Courts in Tennessee require that most divorces go through mediation before proceeding to trial, and divorcing parties can have a profound influence on this process by the way they approach it. It is important to work with an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer to determine the best approach for your divorce and to protect your interests in mediation and litigation.

In Nashville, Tennessee, Hayes Thomas PLC, has been representing clients in all aspects of divorce mediation and litigation for more than 20 years. He is a Rule 31 licensed mediator with decades of mediation and trial experience. When facing divorce, his clients benefit from the sound counsel and the balanced approach he takes to representation. Rather than rushing into a courtroom battle, Mr. Hayes will look at your situation to determine whether this is the best approach.

Mr. Hayes understands that no single approach is right for everyone in divorce. His focus is on determining the right approach for each client and using that method to obtain the best results possible as efficiently as possible.

Divorce Mediation Vs. Trial

Mediation takes place outside of the courtroom. While mediation is required in many divorces, it takes both parties’ active involvement to be successful. In mediation, the parties come to agreement on the essential aspects of their divorce, including division of assets, child-related issues and alimony.

Settling these matters in mediation can be much quicker and more cost-effective. Another primary benefit is that the parties remain in control. In complex out-of-state custody matters and high-asset divorces, most couples benefit from being able to work out the complex details that will impact their lives for years to come, rather than having a judge make these determinations for them. The process is also more private and amicable.

Even though mediation involves more collaboration and amicable interactions between divorcing spouses, it is still important to work with an attorney who can protect your interests throughout the process.

Litigation remains for those issues that a couple is unable to resolve in mediation. In some cases, couples come to a complete divorce settlement on their own, and a judge simply makes sure the agreement is ethical and then approves it. In other cases, couples end up litigating all of the issues in their divorce through a courtroom trial.

Mr. Hayes is equally competent representing clients’ interests in mediation and litigation.

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