Relocation And Out-Of-State Custody

Hayes Thomas PLC, is an experienced, established lawyer serving clients throughout the area of Nashville, Tennessee, in multistate custody matters. With more than 20 years of legal experience, he provides clients with sound counsel and assertive representation focused on efficient, favorable results. He represents clients in initial custody determinations involving parents in more than one state, as well as post-divorce child relocation cases.

Initial Custody Determinations

Although it can be complicated, it is possible to settle the details of out-of-state custody during the initial divorce or separation process. If both parents can agree on the details in mediation, a parenting plan can be created that accommodates the needs of the parents and children. When divorcing spouses know they will be in different states after the divorce, they can agree to give one parent sole physical custody or make arrangements for shared custody. When negotiating a parenting plan of this kind is not a viable option, these issues can be litigated in the courtroom.

As a litigator with more than 20 years of experience and a Rule 31 licensed mediator in Tennessee, attorney Larry Hayes Jr. represents clients in both mediation and litigation of these custody and visitation issues.

Relocation And Custody Modifications

More often than not, out-of-state or multistate custody is determined after a divorce is finalized. When one parent needs to relocate to another state, the existing child custody order must be modified. Mr. Hayes handles custody modifications involving parental relocations and child relocations. He helps clients change child custody orders through mediation and litigation.

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