Accurate Valuations For Business Interests In Divorce

Larry Hayes Jr., is a matrimonial lawyer who serves clients throughout the Nashville, Tennessee, area in all aspects of divorce, including business valuations and other complex property division issues.

Business Valuations

In divorce, one of the most complex and contentious issues involves the valuation of business ownership interests for property division purposes. It is common for families to commingle their personal assets with business funds, especially when a business is starting out or struggling financially. Most business assets are bound up in business debts, properties, equipment or other resources, making it more difficult to determine the true value of these assets and to liquefy and divide them.

As a lawyer with more than 20 years of experience in property division and other divorce-related matters, Mr. Hayes knows how to separate business debts, assets, income streams and properties to provide accurate valuations for all types of businesses, including:

  • Professional and medical practices — law firms, consulting firms, doctors offices, dental offices, etc.
  • Construction companies
  • Internet businesses
  • Service businesses — restaurants, catering, landscaping, cleaning and related businesses

Owning and operating a business is one of the most common ways for a divorcing spouse to hide assets. It is simple to “cook the books” to provide financial benefit to a business owner in ways that are not easily detected by examining the accounting documents. Read more in the Divorce Guide.

With his knowledge of hidden assets and experience uncovering them, Mr. Hayes can provide accurate business valuations. Clients depend on his reliable counsel and legal insight, earned by more than 20 years of matrimonial law experience.

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