Complex Property Division In Divorce

Hayes Thomas PLC, represents clients throughout the area of Nashville, Tennessee, in complex property division issues in marriage dissolution. Although most matrimonial lawyers can handle division of assets in simple, low-asset cases, Mr. Hayes has the experience and knowledge to focus on high-asset divorces and other divorce scenarios that present unique asset division challenges.

Equitable Distribution

Tennessee is an equitable distribution state, but this does not mean an exactly equal split between the two parties. Depending on assets and other factors, one spouse in a divorce may be entitled to receive a much higher percentage of the marital assets.

As an experienced lawyer, Mr. Hayes can protect your interests in all types of asset distribution matters, including:

  • High-asset divorce: Significant assets bring out more complicated issues for divorcing couples in asset division. Mr. Hayes has experience handling issues that arise in this context.
  • Marital vs. individual property: One of the most important steps in asset division is to characterize property accurately as either marital or individual. Because only marital property is divided in a divorce, this step is of critical importance.
  • Business valuations: When one or both spouses in a divorce have business ownership interests, determining the value of these interests is an important step in asset division.

Attorney Larry Hayes Jr. has a wealth of experience handling property division in divorce. He helps clients in the mediation process of equitable division of property, and he represents clients aggressively in litigation when necessary. Learn more about the divorce process in the Divorce Guide.

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