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Larry Hayes Jr. is a Nashville attorney focusing on high-asset divorce matters for Tennessee clients. He has more than 20 years of matrimonial law experience, he is the fourth lawyer in the Nashville area to be named a fellow in the Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and he has been selected as one of the “Best Lawyers in America” by his peers every year since 2007.

Mr. Hayes is a high-asset divorce attorney who handles extremely complex divorce matters for clients with substantial, diversified holdings. Clients benefit from his experience and knowledge, as well as his commitment to providing sound legal counsel in every case he handles.

Complicated Asset Division

Tennessee is not a community property state, which means there are more potential outcomes in asset division. Attorney Larry Hayes Jr. represents clients in asset division matters involving:

  • Characterization: Mr. Hayes helps clients characterize assets as either marital or individual assets.
  • Property valuation: High-asset divorces often involve much more complicated asset valuation issues. In addition to valuation of retirement benefits, investments, real properties and inheritances, Mr. Hayes helps with business valuations.
  • Retirement benefits and investments: Calculating the valuations of interest-based holdings can present complications. When some aspect of this type of asset existed before the marriage, it can be difficult to determine exactly what portion, if any, should be considered marital property and to divide this asset equitably.

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